Modern pharmaceuticals in Russia
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Our Customers

Every business continuously adjusts itself to reality and environment rather than existing in vacuum. Business environment involves individuals, groups or institutions which make in-house decisions or consume their goods or services. Customers are key figures because this is what fuels its progress and development of every company.

Having years of business relations experience, the majority of countries have developed their own code of behavior, violation of which may pose a threat to the companys image. Everybody should know how to build relations with others and how to get them on his side. Adherence to rules of human behavior is the key factor in successful Customer service. This skill is crucial for both personal and professional success.

What best explains Vialtech Group's staff proficiency is the fact that the list of our Customers includes a number of worldwide pharmaceutical companies, such as: AstraZeneca, Gedeon Richter, Rekitt Benckiser, Servier Group.

We provide business guidance and help our Customers to find answers to most essential questions, in other words, we provide a wide range of top quality services. In the context of modern market we offer flexible rates and guarantee our Customers an absolute confidentiality of information.

Having appreciated the quality of our services many of them have become our Friends and long-term Customers.

We value all of our Customers. Thank you for the trust you put in us!

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