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HR Policy

In a free market and business driven economy one of the key factors to success is to achieve the highest possible quality level of companys human resources. The name of the game here is staff development which should fall in line with the idea of the development of the company itself.

Today, staff policy should rather be a combination of goals and principles, as well as of the implied idea of personnel management, which involves all staff and supports companys strategy.

Staff recruitment

Attempt to succeed all companies do their best to identify and start working with the best professionals available around, so they provide trainings and implement other sound hiring practices to help staff adjust to their job demands.

Vialtech Group is no exception; we are tough on our employees, so we screen newcomers thoroughly. Our HR managers read their CV first and check if they have relevant diplomas and work experience (normally its no less than 5 years), and they also check their background to see if they could produce comprehensive translations of texts that require special skills. Certain documents require a deep understanding of the underlying process.

So what follows is the test translation. Those who pass the test get a few small texts to see what they are up to, and eventually they begin participating in big projects. Its only the best who can survive casting as tough as this. This is why the core of our team is composed of competent professional translators who have years of expertise in their job, which allows us to maintain the high quality of translation work making no mistakes in terminology and stylistics of the certain document. Companys employees have to do a constant self-study to upgrade their professionalism.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

To increase our staff efficiency we, here in Vialtech Group, have created a unique atmosphere of mutually beneficial work where everybody can actualize themselves. Work in a team means personal support and career prospects for every staff member, because what we mean by "a team" is a group of professionals who are first of all oriented towards achievement of a general result. Not in the slightest way does it suppress anybody's personality, but instead everybody take their appropriate place in the team with respect to his or her abilities and potential, and everyone feels welcome and significant, and this is a prerequisite to professional satisfaction.

Vialtech Group nurtures team spirit by paying a special attention to staff motivation because the latter is the key to effective work and successful career.


Motivation is a combination of both internal and external driving forces which impel humans to action and set goals and shape the activity itself, while directing this activity towards achievement of defined objectives.

As an example of such motivational activities, Vialtech Group holds conferences, panel discussions, uses corporate design, arranges corporate parties and employs many other things to organize peoples work so that they would not lose their steam but rather find ways to go ahead with their plans and reach general objectives.

Thus an effective personnel management has the significant impact on the performance of our company.

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