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Russia To Start Manufacture Of (H1N1) Vaccine

Scientists together with healthcare professionals in Sverdlovsk region have developed Triazaverin, a product which might be helpful in treatment of /H1N1 flu virus. The vaccine has had a release approval at Medsintez, a pharmaceutical plant in Uralsk, and is undergoing clinical trial now.

The first phase trial is completed. Forty five volunteers, all healthy at initial examination, were administered the vaccine, and the study demonstrated the vaccines safety in human use. In the next phase of the trial Triavezin will be used in animals infected with /H1N1. Study of the products effects on infected humans will follow.

The vaccine was developed by the scientists of the Institute for Organic Synthesis of Uralsk Department of Russian Academy of Sciences. Originally development of Triazaverin was focused on the H5N1 stain, the so-called avian flu virus, but during pre-clinical studies on (H1N1) stain, which Russian Influenza Research Institute had in stock, the vaccine proved to be effective against the latter too.

Information courtesy UN News Center

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