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Vialtech Group:
high standarts of translation in pharmaceutical business.

Current rate of growth of pharmaceutical industry, reforms in public health services, extended cooperation with European pharmaceutical associations define the growing need for quality translation of regulatory and specification paperwork which govern various stages of drug products circulation. However, as of today, there are only few translation agencies which offer a professional level of translations in medical and pharmaceutical sciences. The story of overcoming the state of being lost in translation is related by Chief Executive of Vialtech Group Pharmaceuticals.

— Dmitry, what services does Vialtech Group offer to pharmaceutical market participants?

— Today, our major business line is translation services. The scope of our services includes translation of pharmaceutical, medical, biochemical and medical engineering documentation. Also we provide consecutive and conference interpreting services.

— What kind of documents are you talking about?

— First of all these are pharmaceutical dossiers, the so-called DMFs (Drug Master File), which comprise a few modules: pre-clinical, clinical and post-clinical reports, drug product manufacturing process, quality control procedures, analytical procedure validation, periodic safety update reports, legal and regulatory documents and so on. We offer a notarial certification of translated documents if required. Ordinary translators who do not have pharmaceutical or specific medical education would not be able to provide quality translation of this type of documents.

— Do your translators have such qualifications?

— Our core team consists of professional translators, experienced doctors, researchers, analytical chemists, and biochemists with an extensive track record in health care and pharmaceutical industry. Our staff is required to have a subtle knowledge of pharmaceutical industry and to be able to produce high quality precise translation.

— Which languages do Vialtechs specialists translate from?

— Vialtech Group offers a rich linguistic palette to its customers: Western, Eastern and Central European languages, languages of the CIS member states and those of the Baltic region, and also Scandinavian and Oriental languages.

— How do you manage to attain high quality of translation praised by your customers?

— Our credo is approaching translation in both professional and creative way. When one is translating some specialized texts he certainly has to deal with a variety of terms. A pharmaceutical term is precise and generally unambiguous, which is why it requires an adequate translation. Our specialists have a good command of the relevant terminology and an equally good understanding of how and where these documents are going to be used. This facilitates attaining a high quality of work.

Another important thing is that stylistics of the translation fully complies with the basic sources, which regulate operations and development of the pharmaceutical field: Federal Law No.86-FZ On Medicinal Products, administrative procedures, state industry standards and other legal instruments which regulate operations in the field of medicinal products. Moreover, each translation is subject to several steps of control including mandatory proofreading by a linguistics editor. As a result of this step-by-step translation quality control, the outcoming text that the customer receives is correct and intelligent to the highest extent, and complies with all orthographical, syntactic and stylistic rules.

Though many of our customers keep flattering us about the quality of our translation, we move the bar upwards in terms of our professional skills: tough competition in translation services market leaves no time to take it easy.

— What are the fundamentals of the way you engage with your customers?

— We value every customer. Each customer is special to us, thats why despite an established pricing policy regarding translation services, we apply a differential and flexible approach to our customers.

Our companys basic principle is to keep confidentiality of the information that we receive for translation and also to keep commercial and professional secrets.

Vialtech Groups reputation as of a stable and quality pharmaceutical company has always been and will always be a key factor which defines our function in the translation services market.

Vialtech Groups huge experience with well-known pharmaceutical corporations, branch and representative offices of overseas companies like AstraZeneca, Gedeon Richter, Reckitt Benckiser enables us to be open to any kind of constructive dialogues and consider all proposals in the context of translation services in pharmaceutical industry. We would like to express appreciation to our customers and a hope to establish the long-term relationships.

According to REMEDIUM.
September, 2008

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