About Us

Vialtech is a Russian pharmaceutical company.

OUR MISSION is to make valuable contributions to the development of the global pharmaceutical industry. This vision is carried out, while assuring patient wellness, and through delivery of safe and effective high-quality medicines

Vialtech was founded on August 19, 2008 by Dmitri Nedospelov, an interpreter and graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the Russian New University, along with his partners in the pharmaceutical industry. The company now is part of the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical holding VIAL (the oil and gas group ITERA). Its list of services on the Russian pharmaceutical market is continuously expanding. Since its founding, Vialtech has been helping its customers by conducting preclinical and clinical trials, registering and re-registering drugs, doing market research, and establishing manufacturing and wholesale operations. In this way, Vialtech functions as a full-cycle pharmaceutical company, from the business conception through the manufacturing and delivery to consumers.

In the Russian pharmaceutical market, Vialtech serves as a niche multifunctional translation company. For 15 years, it has provided professional translation services of registration dossiers related to drugs, pharmaceutical substances, dietary supplements and medical equipment to leading companies on the global pharmaceutical market, better known as BIG PHARMA, as well as to local major drug manufacturers

Vialtech was among the first companies in the pharmaceutical translation market, opening in 2008. In the last ten years, it has grown into a leading translation agency, securing contracts for translation services with nearly all foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia, with the exception of American companies Pfizer and Eli Lilly.

The list of registration dossiers for drugs and substances translated by Vialtech in the past fifteen years is available under Translations in the Translations Portfolio subsection.