Our Leadership

As a global pharmaceutical companyVialtech can rightfully be considered as one of the leaders in the field of pharmaceutical and medical translations. For 15 years, the company has provided services for the translation of registration dossiers to major pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia and abroad.

Over the past 15 years, translators at Vialtech have completed translations of more than 10,000,000 pages (3,500 volumes) of registration dossiers, as well as various medical and pharmaceutical reports. During this time, company specialists have accepted translation requests exceeding 1,500,000 professional casesMore than 30% of all dossiers for pharmaceutical drugs sold within the territory of the Russian Federation have been translated by Vialtech. 

Vialtech owes its achievements not only to its team of translators and editors, but to everyone who works towards the company’s mission. Vialtech’s enduring success can be attributed in large part to its expertly constructed personnel policy, which carefully selects professionals in compliance based on two fundamental criteria – translation experience and the possession of specialized knowledge in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. This has culminated in a high number of positive reviews from its clients for the exceptional quality of services provided.

Above all, the main principles that are the foundation of the company’s corporate values are honesty, decency, and respect for people.

Vialtech expresses its gratitude for the understanding and trust shown by the pharmaceutical manufacturers located in Russia and abroad. The company offers a full spectrum of services relating to the pharmaceutical sector, beginning with the organization of the entire distribution chain’s production and provision, through its development, directly to the pharmacy shelves, and finally to the end consumer. In addition, Vialtech supplies consistent support to pharmaceutical companies that rely on productive and long-term cooperation.